01.01.11 blue crush

I have a crush on Australian-born actor, Alex O'loughlin.  Never heard of him before the new HAWAII FIVE-0 (CBS Monday 10/9 c).  MOONLIGHT fans are wondering if I just crawled out from under a rock.  The answer is, yes and no.  Vampire detective--yum!  

Where have I been?  

I have every intention of checking out the cancelled series.  But I have to admit it's the haircut that got my attention.  O'loughlin is so much hotter now as Commander Steve McGarrett.   

The premiere of FIVE-0 was everything I could have hoped for in a new series.  High stakes.  High octane.  Steve McGarrett a Navy SEAL--oh, yeah!  You had me at aloha.  And since I was looking for something to replace my LOST addiction, Daniel Dae Kim as Chin Ho was a real bonus.  

But the show has fallen short of my expectations.  Grace Park does nothing for me.  Not her fault of course.  Though I'm glad to see Kono take on a broader role than damsel-in-distress (I wasn't sure after the first few episodes) her character falls flat.  

Scott Caan's charisma on the other hand carries the show.  Love the interaction and bro-banter between partners Danny "Danno" Williams and McGarrett.  And even though critics have called O'loughlin's portrayal wooden, what do they know.  This gal gets it.  I want my Navy SEALs deep.  Analytical, aloof...  And those McGuiver moments drive me wild.  

So whether O'loughlin's playing to the part or perfectly cast for the role, I wouldn't change a thing about the new HAWAII FIVE-0, except the writing.  Which, really, is everything.  Every now and then there's a groaner that tells me the writers are reaching for it.  And not quite getting it. 

The iconic line, "Book 'em, Danno," is ruined by a cringe worthy introduction into the show.  I'd hate to see it go, but I'd like to forget that baby-talk telephone call.  "Danno loves you."  Ugh.  Seriously, you expect us to believe he would say that instead of Daddy?

IMHO, McGarrett should have been the one to give his partner the nickname. 

And while I'm having my say.  Get rid of all the CSI/coroner/cop stuff that adds nothing to the show.  There's enough of that on television these days.  Okay, some of the cop stuff can stay.  But what we need is a real character drama.  

There were two good story lines introduced in the premiere.  McGarrett's father, murdered in a dramatic opening scene, leaves his son clues to a cold case.  But the only time the father's murder didn't feel like it was dropped into subsequent episodes as an after thought was when that cold case circled back to the accident that killed McGarrett's mother. 

Chin Ho's dismissal or resignation from the force is another interesting story line.  As is the recent introduction of Danny's ex-wife.  But here's what the show really needs--a strong female lead.  Although I was hopeful when Michelle Borth as Lieutenant. Catherine Rollins was introduced as McGarrett's love interest, she's really nothing more than a booty call.  And an excuse for the occasional gratuitous love scene.

Yeah, I like to see the guy with his shirt off, too.  But I'd like to see him challenged.

Evangeline Lilly's available. 

Remember Kate? 

McGarrett doesn't need a beck and call girl like Lt. Rollins--he outranks her, btw.  He needs a woman holding all the cards while holding out on him.  Someone who knows something about his father's death that she's not telling.  Part crook.  Part con.  Someone he should arrest, but doesn't.  Because of an attraction he can't deny.  And the belief that she's not all bad.  

McGarrett needs a love interest who gets under his skin, not just rubbing up against him. 

01.01.11 a better man

Alex O'loughlin

01.01.11 happy new year

"Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, 
and let each new year find you a better man." 
~ Benjamin Franklin 

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