Time Magazine: Mitzi's Marine

Check this out! Mitzi's Marine garnered a mention in the December 5, 2011 issue of Time Magazine.

"These heroes promise strength, safety and military grade sex.  They also offer their heroines (and, by proxy, their readers) the opportunity to nuture a wounded, handsome, decent guy back to wholeness--as in Rogenna Brewer's tale Mitzi's Marine, wherein one point of the central love triangle is a gunnery sergeant who lost much of one leg in Iraq"

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If you're not already a Time Magazine subscriber the article titled Veteran Affairs: For romance readers, a hardy man is good to find by Belinda Luscome is worth a trip to the dentist's office (or your local library).

"Markus Ricci casts aside his parachute and backpack and lowers his buff-colored jumpsuit past the glistening slabs of his abdominal muscles. "Don't go any lower," a nearby voice says, "or Walmart will kill me."

The word of caution comes from Kristine Mills-Noble, creative director of Kensington Publishing. She is watching a computer screen while Ricci gazes into the camera with a look that's part wooing, part warning. In a downtown Manhattan studio, the Kensington crew is shooting the cover of Burning Up, the first in a new series of romance novels about smoke jumpers. In real life, these elite paratrooper firefighters..."

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