Procrastination On A Whole New Level: Premade eBook Covers Only $29

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Premade ebook covers only $29 
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New covers added every week starting at $39
  • Premade single image ebook covers only $39. 
  • Customized with Your Title (includes subtitle or series if applicable).
  • Your Name (includes bestselling status or reference to previous title if applicable).
  • Up to two tag lines or review quotes.  
  • Image size 625 x 1000 pixels (standardized to Amazon's minimum specs for ebook covers). 
  • All cover designs retired after the first sale (please note I use stock images which may be or have been used in other designs or by other designers).
  • Paypal accepted.  
  • To purchase your cover email:
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I've taken procrastination to a whole new level with ebook covers.  Hours spent trying to find the perfect image for a book cover is still a lot easier than writing it.  Sometimes it's just nice to take a visual break.  I'm never in a million years going to use all the stock images I've earmarked for future covers.  Not all of them fit my stories.  But they might fit one of yours.

Although I have to admit this guy is easy on the eye and I'm going to have a hard time letting him go...

Don't expect these covers to last long.  Please email if you see something you like and if you don't see something you like, check back.  I'll be adding new covers every week.  

Meanwhile, here's my 
Top 10 Favorite Stock Sites.  

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