Cover Reveal: Blind Date Bride & Trouble in Paradise (Custom Covers for Author Arlene Hittle)

You've come a long way baby...

Or so the saying goes.

A month ago I started making premade ebook covers and selling them through my website.  Like many indie authors, I stumbled into cover design out of necessity.  My total budget for One Night In Reno was zero dollars.  But I did have 8 credits for BigStock as I often hunted down stock photos for my website.

I'd been dabbling with the idea of cover design for awhile and had even attempted a couple via web based manipulation tools, but as I'd get good at something the tools would change.  Limited by my software and skills, but not my imagination I made a pretty decent cover for Reno without the benefit of Photoshop.

I simply used the drawing and paint tools that came with my computer.  But I soon fell in love with the process, and after making the first three covers for my One Night shorts, I wanted to keep going, so I did.  Within my first week, I'd put up the Covers by Rogenna website,  sold a couple premade covers and out of sheer tenacity picked up a couple custom orders--all from fellow authors who were strangers to me at the time.  I didn't even have Photoshop, but I do now.

Would I redo the cover for One Night in Reno?  In a heartbeat, but not until the whole series is out and I can find the time.  I'm okay with those covers.  But I'm beyond thrilled and proud to be showing off my first pair of custom covers.  It all started when Arlene wanted to buy pemade cover 004 Bride.  She loved that cover almost as much as I do, except for the hair color.  In talking with Arlene, I soon realized it wasn't just the hair--004 wasn't the right bride for her romantic comedy, period.

In addition, Arlene had a connected story and wanted the covers to have a similar feel.  So I convinced her to let me do custom covers by offering her a BOGO (buy one, get one ;)  In talking to her, I knew I could do a good job, but I needed that first customer to take a chance on me, and she did, thank you Arlene :)  Because that gave me the privilege of creating these two gorgeous covers.

Arlene has since ordered a third custom cover for a holiday story.  I can't wait to see what we come up with next.  Arlene Hittle is a 2011 Romance Writer's of America Golden Heart finalist with her manuscript Beauty and the Ballplayer and a soon to be the self-published author of Blind Date Bride and Trouble in Paradise.  You can find out more about Arlene by visiting her website:    

I'm coming off a book deadline next week and would love to do your custom cover.  In celebration of Arlene's two covers I'm offering a B2G1 (buy two, get one) if you contact me to schedule your covers before the end of July.  (Offer expires midnight MST July 31, 2013) 

Covers don't have to be for a trilogy, but they certainly can be.  You'll only hear about this offer here, so please help spread the word, and mention B2G1 when ordering.

This offer applies to premade covers as well and I'll be posting some some pairs and trilogies later this month.  But again you can mix and match.   Looking forward to hearing from you soon...

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