It's no secret I design ebook covers.  What started out of necessity quickly turned into a passion, or as I like to call anything outside of writing---procrastination.

Hobby.  Business.  Whatever.

The original cover for One Night in Reno is the one that started it all.  This sweet little story was deserving of a more fitting cover.  Now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble... 

And coming soon to the Apple iBook Store.  

What do you think, did I hit my mark?  Or should I say market?

Do you judge a book by its cover?  

I know I do.  That's not to say there aren't some amazing books out there with bad covers.  But a good cover tells a story all its own.

Rogenna Brewer
May 2013

Life is full of unexpected turns…

Jenny Albright’s gas tank runs as dry as her luck in the Nevada desert. Then Navy SEAL Garrett “Itch” Erickson swoops in to rescue her, her young son and their beagle pup. Although the stranded single mom is reluctant to accept help from a stranger, befriending the Good Samaritan SEAL might be the best decision Jenny’s made in the past seventy-two hours.

Whether Jenny is a victim of circumstance or a woman on the run, Garrett sees his past in her son’s future and it doesn’t look good. But does his offer to marry Jenny—until she lands on her feet—come from a sense of duty or the need to be rescued himself? Read Excerpt

And just in case you're curious and haven't seen the old cover...

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